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Hindi – an essential tool to explore India.

Being the National language of India, Hindi is spoken by more than 50 percent of people in India. Except a few states of South India, Hindi is widely used as the medium of communication all over the country and therefore learning Hindi would be of great help to one who is really interested to interact with the culture of India. Volunteering India runs special training programs to teach Hindi to foreign travelers.

Volunteering India’s Hindi language course is so designed that one can start speaking Hindi from the very first day of the training. Volunteering India follows the absolute natural way of learning a language, the way you have learnt your mother tongue. In the class room you would be taught the basic words and simple sentences of daily usage. You would have to use them immediately with the local people. In this process you are not just learning the language, but you are living the language. While dealing with the native speakers you would come across with several new phrases and sentences. In your class the next day, you would get explanations regarding their meaning and how to use them the right way. Unlike the traditional approach of learning a language, you don’t need to pick every word and translate its meaning word by word; instead you would pick up phrases and understand the entire phrase instantaneously. In this way your language develops in leaps and bounds.

This process absorbs you completely in Hindi speaking environment. It helps you learn quickly and you can easily retain what you learn, because you would be facing the same phrases and sentences wherever you go. There would be no need to memorize what you have learned. No other method of learning a new language would be so interesting and enjoyable. Moreover, learning a language in its native environment offers an extraordinary insight into its culture and tradition. After all, Culture mainly relates to the way people interact with each other and behave in particular situations. The use of idioms, humor, body language, moral values and personal concerns presented by the language – all offer a deeper understanding of the society and the culture. That is why the language is an inseparable part of any culture. Thus, you would gradually come closer to, and become a part of the Indian culture with the Hindi training program of volunteering India.