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The bridge between material and spiritual worlds; the panacea of all evils of life; the key that opens the mystic world of spirituality… yes, we’re talking about Yoga and Meditation. The concept of Yoga and Meditation is a rare and invaluable gift that ancient India has offered to modern civilisation.

As per ancient Indian scriptures the definition of yoga is as follows:

Yog Chitt Vritti Nirdhh  Patanjala Yoga Sutra 1:1

This means that Yoga is the cessation of all the activities of conscious mind.

In this definition Yoga is taken in its absolute meaning which also includes Meditation. In modern usage both the terms have different meanings that can be taken as both sides of the same coin.

Yoga, popularly known as Yoga aasans, (asana means posture in Sanskrit) is a set of physical postures that involve stretching of body in a systematic way. These postures, when practiced regularly, opens up energy channels, sends out all types of impurities from body and leads to a total balance of body and mind.

Meditation is a technique that takes us to a state in which conscious mind gets closed and the infinite energy from the subconscious mind (the energy which is believed to be the Supreme Intelligence or God.) opens up and takes the responsibility of every aspect of our life. To put in simple terms, Meditation is a process that takes our mind to a state of complete rest and stillness and thereby gives us enormous energy and mental peace.

Since ages, human beings of all walks of life, in almost every part of the world, have been seeking solace in spirituality and meditation when everything in material world failed to give them satisfaction and mental peace. It is no wonder that many philosophers from all over the world acclaimed India as the land of spirituality and travelled to India in their quest for absolute truth and knowledge. As the increasing complexity of modern world leading to more stress and tensions in life, the importance of Meditation and Yoga is increasing day by day.

With a view to offer foreign travellers the ultimate benefit of visiting this sacred land, Volunteering India has been conducting training programs on Yoga and Meditation. 

The key contents of these programs are:

  • Fundamentals of ancient Indian philosophy and approach to reach God or Absolute Truth.
  • Yoga Asanas or postures of Yoga as a system of regular exercise.
  • The technique of Meditation.
  • Valuable suggestions by Gurus (spiritual teachers) about how to apply different concepts of spirituality in your social and personal life.
  • The practice of Yoga to cure a particular disease.
  • A comprehensive guidance on how to include Yoga and Meditation in your regular life.

It is proven by many scientific researches that regular practice of Yoga and Meditation cures many chronic diseases and also useful in hopeless cases like drug addiction. 
Most of the participants of these programs have reported a miraculous progress in their health and cure of several chronic diseases. We have been receiving mails that express their happiness about the change that Yoga and meditation has brought in their life style. One who really wants to get the maximum from Indian tradition must participate in volunteering India’s programs of Yoga & Meditation.