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In India it is not only the Yogis or Saints who are Spiritualists, anyone who has found himself and understood the purpose of life is. This section talks about spiritualism and divine centered living. Spiritualism is based upon three main tenets:

  • Inner spirit is the only reality
  • The inner self which we call also as the higher self is distinct and different from the outer self or the lower self, also known as the physical self
  • Through a process of detachment and spiritual discipline, it is possible for us to detach ourselves from the outer self and discover the inner self that is hidden in all of us. Spiritualism is religion plus.

It is above religion and can be a good cure for the petty and narrow minded thinking that often people cultivate because of their excessive attachment to religion. Religion separates man from man and divides people into groups; where as spiritualism helps us see the whole. Spiritualism is way beyond dogmatism, fundamentalism and obscurantism which are responsible for many problems among nations and peoples.

  • God is infinite and permeates everything. He has infinite love, He is perfect, and people are a part of God
  • Service to other people is a way to improve one’s spirit. A person should not do good things for other people just to improve themselves, he or she should do good out of pure unselfishness and love for other people and God. Bringing about “economic security, peace, charity, and culture” to other people are great ways to enhance one’s own spirit and those of others.
  • Continuous Existence of the Human Soul: The soul exists for eternity, and spiritualism proves this by communicating with those who visit from the spirit world. People should not live their lives with merely the material world in mind, they should live in terms of their eternal life. The soul continually progresses through different planes of existence to serve and become closer to God.
  • Personal Responsibility: People are responsible for their own thoughts and actions. People have to atone for evil acts and negative thoughts, and continually strive to lead a moral life.
  • Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul: There is always progress to be made, and what one must accomplish never ends. Primitive instincts trap people in the material world, and so people must struggle against these to reach a higher spiritual consciousness.

In terms of being philosophical Spiritualism is the characteristic of thought that affirms the existence of immaterial reality imperceptible to the senses. So it embraces a wide variety of philosophical issues. Most patently it applies to philosophy of accepting the notion of an infinite, personal God, immortality of soul, immaterial existence and believe in inner self.