Sponsor a Child

We are not about momentary assistance, or exchanging compassion, sweets, clothes; however Volunteering India is well intentioned. We know that permanent change in the lives of children is only possible when we handle the basic causes that continue to keep our children in the face of poverty and lack of opportunities.

What will you get as a Sponsor?
Sponsor Communication: As a child sponsor, you can look forward to receiving drawings and messages from the child you sponsor – like the one pictured here.

You’ll see yourself how your contribution is helping through biannual updates direct from the community where the child you support stays. We will send an update picture to you annually.

What your support can do for us?

Support a Child’s Education for a year US$ 20 a month.
Support a Child’s Health and Education US$ 30 a month.

A basic minimum support of One Dollar or less a day can help the family buy food and stay healthy. Probably your newspaper costs you more than that.

Support an Income Generation Programme at US$ 120 a year
For less than thirty five cents a day you can support a family of the child that you wish to support. They will be trained and provided with means that will enable the family to generate income and become self sufficient. With tools, seeds and livestock, they can put a life of hunger behind them.

Help change a life for the price of the two litres of Milk bottles.

Support a family with US$ 125 a month
A whole household can be run in the rural parts of India for this money. This will cover the education, health, food and Income generation programme for a family of parents living with two children.

Take your first steps for change right now.

Support the Sponsor Project Administrative Cost with US$ 10 per month

For as little as 35 cents a day support us in carrying forward this good cause. This will cover our Administrative costs.

Help initiate change for the cost of the chocolate that you ravish each day.