Know that service to these (poor, illiterate, ignorant and afflicted) alone is the highest religion.

Swami Vivekananda

Whatever the action taken, or policy made by any government, institution, organisation or charitable trust. can be said to be fruitful only when the common man, the most down trodden one, the very last one in the chain of development – is benefited. The activities of Volunteering India are guided by this fact.

The organisation is committed to those activities that would generate an active reaction over issues relating to environment, hygiene, moral and social values, sustainable development, practicing non-violence and reformation of misled youth who would otherwise be anti social elements. The root cause for all the evils that rural Rajasthan has been facing today is lack of proper guidance to and awareness in the people who live here. Volunteering India has taken up its activities to the level of movement by bringing about awareness in these people about the consequences of various things that eventually affect their own lives.

Volunteering India has chosen Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, as the hub of its activities. Renowned the world over as the pink city and considered as one of the best planned cities during the British Raj, Jaipur is one of the most beautiful cities of India and has been in the top list to attract international tourists. Since it has evolved as an important centre for crafts and trades like gems, jewellery, marble, enamelling, metal work, hand-loom and printed cloth, woollen carpets etc., rural population are drawn to the city for employment and Jaipur is gradually expanding into a densely populated metropolis. These people are mostly uneducated and homeless and have to eke out their lives with a meagre income of less than one US dollar per day. Volunteering India has been striving to fill hope in these distressed masses by various programs in Jaipur and adjoining villages.
These programs are: –

  • Protection of Environment.
  • Rural and sustainable development.
  • Medical promotions and emergency clinical aid to children.
  • Pre-natal and post-pregnancy care to the expectant mothers
  • Nutrition and nourishment awareness (mother & child).
  • Water pollution and its eradication through restoration of sources.
  • Vegetable plantation programs (awareness about quality & plantation systems).
  • Cow and Cattle (breeding, vaccination & prevalent diseases).
  • Prevention and awareness of early-age diseases among children (1-7 years)
  • Handicapped women’s employment system.
  • Agro-waste management through vermi-composting.
  • Advanced Solar systems techniques.
  • Honey Bee production and
  • Promotion of organic farming.