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Program Location: Rajasthan a centre of Indian culture and heritage.

For centuries, Rajasthan has remained untouched by influence of time: Medieval charms of forests and gentle winds from distant sand dunes whisper tales from times immemorial.

As a volunteer, Volunteering India offers you an opportunity to experience and explore this vast and vivid culture. It is an area of extraordinary contrasts: exceptionally rich in architecture and culture but still a largely rural population, leading a life that has remained unchanged for centuries. The whole experience is magical in the true sense and Rajasthan offers something for everyone climatic conditions, wildlife, temples, trekking routes, camel rides, dancing peacocks and of course the simple yet happy people accompanied with their rich culture.

About The Program:

The program is carefully customised to give you a unique insight into the life, language and culture of Rajasthan. You will experience this with volunteers from across the globe with whom you will form deep friendships as you share this extraordinary experience.

The itinerary starts from Jaipur where you will get time to relax on arrival. Next morning we will go for sightseeing in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, known for the extraordinary architecture. It is also called the Pink City which is associated with hospitality in Rajasthani culture. Reaching Jaipur is easy with a choice of short flights, trains or buses available direct from Delhi. The trains and buses take about five hours to reach Jaipur and give you a real flavor for the landscape and the friendliness of the Indian people. For more information on how to reach Jaipur from Delhi please click here.


Training takes places during the first 3 days of your arrival at Jaipur.

  • 1st Day Rest Day.
  • 2nd Day Sightseeing.
  • 3rd Day Orientation.
  • 4th Day Departure for placement site;

Basic Hindi will be taught to the volunteers for 3 days who are interested in joining program for more than 2 weeks. During your training you will stay in a typical Rajasthani guest house and during your placement you will stay in your host organisations official cum residential building. The accommodation will not always be luxurious, but it will be clean and comfortable.

Once you arrive on your placement you will also participate in a two day orientation session, organised by a local NGO which will help you understand the much neglected rural lifestyle and the various social issues. This will be tailored specifically to your placement.

Your Placement:

At the end of the four days, you will move to the placement site to work as a volunteer, which mainly involves teaching English, mathematics and drawing and painting. You will also work in community development activities like tree planting in schools and villages, conducting health check-up camps, etc. depending upon the needs of local NGO partners. The goal of your work is to make learning a joyful experience for the children, so you will need to ignite their imagination and creativity by participating in fun activities. You will also need to propagate the importance of education to the children’s families by means of interaction. You will find children very keen to learn, happy and well behaved and we are confident that you, the children and the families you interact with will find this an extraordinarily rewarding experience.

Time Off:

During your training and throughout your placement you will have plenty of time in which you can explore the local sites. Normally this time will be over a weekend, meaning you will be able to visit these sites with other volunteers. Travel and entry to tourist sites is not too expensive in India and 1,000 Rupees per week should comfortably cover any taxis, entry fees and a good meal out.

Further Information:

The volunteer program starts on the 1st and 15th of every month. You can choose to be a volunteer in any area, such as teaching English, health education, community development, child care, working with disadvantaged residents, environment awareness, First Aid and Health Education, home stay/cultural exchange, women empowerment, street children education project and mentally challenged children, with varied duration ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months. The English teaching program is limited during the months of May and June as local schools will have summer vacations during this period.

Major Indian festivals take place during the period from September to November. The exact dates of festivals are decided by the lunar calendar. To see a calendar of events click here. While these festivals are a wonderful experience, schools are normally closed for festival days and therefore we wouldn’t recommend starting your placement during this time of the year if you opt to volunteer for a month or less. On the other hand this period provides a once a lifetime opportunity to closely interact with the local culture of those who choose to volunteer for longer period of time.

Duration “(in weeks)”123456789101112
Project Costs 2003004005006007008009001000110012001300
Duration“(in weeks)” 131415161718192021222324
Project Costs140015001600170018001900200021002200230024002500

The program fee includes:

  • Administrative charges
  • Training fees
  • Charges for accommodation
  • Meals during Training and Placement
  • Transportation of volunteers and
  • Expenditure for supervision.

The other expenditure you would be required to meet are:

  • Your flight charges
  • Visa (a 65 day tourist visa is US $ 30 only. The extensions are charged at US $ 30 per 30 days. The maximum number of renewals is three).
  • For still/video photography at museums, travel insurance, police check and corresponding airport departure taxes.
  • You may need a weekly budget of up to US $ 20 to support your general expenditure like bottled water, personal items, beverages and entertainment.

Village life in India is relatively inexpensive in comparison to cost of living in western countries and you can hardly spend US $ 10 per week during your placement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are given answers for several questions that volunteers generally have. Click here to get answers for a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Application procedure:

The application and the further procedure would go through the following stages.

  1. Application: Fill up the Application Form below. Upon receipt of the form we will assess your suitability for the program.
  2. Acceptance: Applicants whose applications are accepted would receive a letter of acceptance via e-mail.
  3. Decision: Once you receive the letter of acceptance, this is the time to apply along with your Biodata/CV and application fee to secure your place in the program. Before you pay the fee, you can put forward any questions, doubts or clarifications that you may have. We would give proper explanation for all your queries. It should be noted that your application fee will be refunded after deducting administrator charges, if you decide not to attend the program.
  4. Confirmation: Once the application fee is paid, we will contact you to ensure everything is organised. We will also send you the URL of our program guide which covers topics such as: country information, travel links, visa application process, fund raising ideas and much more!
  5. Communication & Support: Throughout the application process, we are committed to clarify any of your qualms. We will be in continuous contact with you via e-mail even during your placement/program in India. We will take every possible care to see everything going on smoothly and properly.

Click here to apply for this program.

For more details Contact:
Mr. Vinod

Project Coordinator,
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Kanak Vrindavan Township,
Sirsi Road, Jaipur 302034 INDIA Mobile: +91-9829013534 / 9414024931 / 9782209683
E-mail: info@volunteeringindia.in
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